3 valleys day trip from Marrakesh

3 valleys day trip from Marrakesh

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If there is a region to discover at all costs if you come to visit Marrakech is the region of the 3 valleys. This true little paradise, offers you everything a visitor eager for a change of scenery. In a haven of greenery and natural wonders, you will discover rustic Berber houses scattered here and there lost in the forests that line the rivers that have dug over geological periods these sublime valleys. And who have kept all the charm and innocence of the people who built them.

3 valleys day trip, architectural feats

The first thing that will blow your eyes are the buildings. Over the hikes that you will have the privilege to take the winding paths hanging on the side of the mountain, you will be captivated by small villages suspended over vertiginous voids. You will recognize at first glance the hand of Berber carpenters who have tackled this Herculean task, which consisted in building their villages in such conditions. Another peculiarity that deserves attention is the agricultural genius of the Berber tribes of the High Atlas.

While their lands are mainly composed of rock, with sloping topography, unsuitable for growing anything. While the temperatures in these countries show abrupt and violent variations, the Berbers, driven by their instinct for survival, have demonstrated a virtuosity rarely observed by anthropologists to transform their lands into fertile ground. In addition to a monstrous job of fertilizing the soil, they are shaped steep slopes to indulge in the essential food agriculture to provide a diversified and balanced diet. These terraced crops surround any Berber village worthy of the name. And highlight the beauty of a breathtaking painting that few genius artists have had the idea to evoke one day or another of their lives.


Formerly known as the CANAGNAC dam, this dam was renamed after the name of a marabout woman, whose grave was covered by the waters of the dam lake when it was commissioned. This lake is home to a unique biodiversity. And offers an oasis of peace to a multitude of species of the region. If you want a concentrate of biodiversity of the region of the 3 valleys. The visit of this dam is unavoidable.

During the hike, a stop at your order is planned, to have tea at the local inhabitants of these remote areas. You can directly ask them all the questions that burn your tongue about their culture and way of life. Plan an extra bag, it is not at all excluded that you go back to the hotel with your arms loaded with various presents. So much evidence of the solicitude and hospitality of these authentic Berber tribes. Another natural site that must be visited is the Asni valleys. Renowned for its difficulty of access as being the best preserved of all natural sites in the region. This valley is made for those who love immersion in extreme environments. But rest assured, the nature of the change you will live through will be extreme as you head for the best hidden treasures of the Moroccan High Atlas. [/ Vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]

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    3 valleys day trip from Marrakesh