Agafay desert tours

Agafay desert tours

85€ per person

Have you ever felt the need for immensity when you are faced with the infinite expanse of the ocean, or when you are deceived by a mirage while watching a documentary on the desert? This need is natural and consubstantial to man. Immensity is associated with freedom in the imagination of each of us. If you recognize yourself in this question, we have what you need, in three words, Agafay desert tours.

Come explore  the famous desert of Agafay on one of our last generation quads on in the back of a camel. The speed and power conferred by this machine will only find expression in the immensity of this arid zone of the Marrakesh region, and with you straddling the unapproachable horizon of the hostile depths of these arid regions.

Agafay desert tours, we are moving the desert to your living room

The visit of the Agafay desert that we propose to you to live is unique.  Take part of this mindblowing moments  around a fire in the desert surrounded by an atmosphere where time seems to stop to allow you to enjoy yourself, these rare moments that frozen for eternity in your memory. Camel ride or in quads, escorted by experienced guides.

We do not propose to visit the desert, but to live it, few days in an authentic Bedouin desert. The way of life of the desert people has always fascinated not only scientists but all nations. These people are respected, for the hard life they lead in these hostile regions where water is much rarer than elsewhere. The stays that we propose to you in the desert do not fail to grant a  meeting with these populations and the creation of links with them.

Agafay desert tours, The gastronomy of the desert is invited to Agafay

A stay in such a change of scenery can not be complete without also leaving your taste buds to adventure. Forget the meals you know in your daily life. With us, it’s every day new and every day of the local. As much in terms of ingredients as in terms of preparations. Imagine the ultimate refinement. A romantic dinner under a tent in the desert with full comfort.

A rare moment that we propose to you to live with those who count for you. At this level, our offer is as flexible as they are of unique quality. A cover for two or more. A western or oriental room, you keep you have the choice of every detail. For example, you can require a dinner with a 100% local and traditional atmosphere. From cutlery to music or carpets. Or opt for a more Western room with table and chairs. Thus, our gastronomic aspect guarantees the pleasure of your taste buds in an atmosphere that meets your most unconfessed dreams.

Agafay Desert, place to nature

It would be a big mistake to believe that the desert totally sterile. It’s full of life, but you have to know where to look. Leave accompanied by the most talented specialists to discover an unsuspected dimension of the Agafay desert, its biodiversity.

Whether it is the species, the nature of the soil or the geological history of the region, none of your questions will remain unanswered. You will then truly realize why this region of Morocco is considered a real treasure. Enjoy your stay with us.

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