Imlil day trip from marrakech

Imlil day trip from marrakech

25€ per person

Imlil is the region of the Haouz (The surroundings of Marrakech), which marks the beginning of the Toubkal National Park. Its chief town is a small eponymous village of a few hundred inhabitants. Imlil is known for being a 100% Berber territory, and therefore you can see its traditions and way of life still authentically Berber, with very rare Arab influences.

For example, each year, the feast of sacrifice is immediately followed by the rite of Boujloud. In which a carnivalesque character adorns himself with the skin of a sacrificed beast and makes the tour of the village by frightening and distracting the children. This tradition, still very much alive in these regions, has disappeared elsewhere.

Imlil day trip : the antechamber of gigantism

The gigantism of the rocky and steep peaks that mark out the hiking tour that we propose you to do in the most amazing recesses of the Toubkal National Park. And for the more adventurous among you, the Toubkal itself offers itself to your desire to take up if you up to the challenge. At this level, we are no longer talking about hiking, but climbing on the side of the highest peak in North Africa. The equipment as well as the supervision of rigor, will be available at the beginning of the ascent. To guarantee you optimal comfort and safety. As you get closer to the top of the mountain, the air becomes less dense, and breathing in such circumstances requires a specially prepared physical condition. That’s why, we anticipate, the availability of oxygen bottles, to provide the missing supply.

Imlil day trip : The human dimension

In Imlil, if it is important for you to discover the traditions of the country, you will surely meet genuine Berber women. Characterized by their extraordinary endurance. Indeed, women are most often in charge of the most painful chores of daily Berber in these countries. The Berber woman, has a special aura, amplified by the legendary facial tattoos. Present most often between the eyes and in the axis of symmetry of the face, at the level of the chin. Their humanity and generosity will fill your eyes. Be careful not to therefore become blind to the striking beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

Imlil, the region,

Imlil is a village located at 1740 m altitude. The square is known to be the starting point for all climbs that lead hikers on different routes. The place is as well known for the beauty of its landscapes as for the harshness of its climate. Alternating suffocating heat in summer, only polar temperatures in winter. Immersed in this atmosphere, you will only be close to local populations whose depth you will automatically understand some of their facets. The all-inclusive package gives you access to a complete tour of the entire region with all its dimensions.

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    Imlil day trip from marrakech