Imperial cities tour from Marrakesh

Imperial cities tour from Marrakesh

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We are proud to offer you an exclusive tourist product designed by our experts and our most advanced connoisseurs, in terms of Moroccan destinations. The  imperial cities tour. The principle is particularly simple, you discover all the cities that have marked the history of the kingdom, while learning some incredible stories. Whether Marrakech, Fez, Meknes or Rabat, the country is known for its high number of imperial cities, proudly displaying fears various architectural ornaments each of which tells a story that deserves to be heard. So these are loaded with human history and Moroccan heritage.

Imperial cities tour : To all great king, a great city

A famous maxim by the great historian Ibn Khaldoun. We can guess therein, the desire to highlight the inestimable heritage of the different dynasties that led the kingdom. It is enough for example to visit the famous mosque of koutoubia, to realize the majesty of the city of Marrakech.

The will of the various rulers and princes who ruled the kingdom was to engrave in the minds  over generations architectural splendors, to show the power of their reign. The imperial cities tour is for  the tourist who wants to discover the various periods of the kingdom’s history quickly and pleasantly. Another city equally central in the imperial cities tour that is proposed to you is the city of Rabat. Which cumulates the statutes of imperial city, but also of effective capital of the kingdom. And how can i  speak of the city of Rabat, without mentioning the Mausoleum Hassan. Which was once a mosque but has since fallen into ruins. Leaving the mausoleum where the Alawite rulers rest, shine with all its architectural majesty.

Imperial cities tour : Megalomania

The imperial cities tourputs you in the footsteps of the greatest leaders of Morocco, and especially when it was once an empire that stretched to the north of Senegal. Many of the Moroccan rulers have left an imprint in the history of the kingdom and sometimes in a strange way. For example, you will not be allowed to ignore the escapades of this king who had more than 500 concubines in his harem, and more than 15,000 horses in his stables. That contrasts furiously with this other, whose only desire was to get closer to the creator by his rigorous practice of Islam, as well as his generous and devoted actions.

Discover Morocco from your plate

The discovery of the Moroccan territory, especially when it comes to immersing yourself in the ancestral and imperial atmosphere of the country, is much better felt, when  you meet the flavors in your plates along the journey, that amazes you with their delicacy and diversity. And we make it a point of honor that the imperial cities tour is also a pleasure for your taste buds. Ingredients 100% local, traditional preparation, provided by the finest artists cook… and a lot more to discover. Come enjoy our imperial cities tour. Your memories will be eternal.

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    Imperial cities tour from Marrakesh