Marrakech City Tour (Half day)

Marrakech City Tour (Half day)

10€ per person

Over the years, Marrakech has turned its rich and diversified cultural and human heritage to its advantage, to rise to the standards of the hubs of world tourism. Today, taking a tour of the city of Marrakech is an experience to live at least once in your life. The city subtly and majestically combines ancestral traditions of southern Morocco with the comfort and quality of stays of the main international tourist centers.

Marrakech has also made a considerable effort on its tourist attractiveness by focusing on diversified entertainment and quality. The city offers a variety of high-end , fun-loving entertainment, innovative and accessible entertaining activities.

Marrakech is like a ring in its case. The packaging is at least as beautiful as the jewel. And the setting of the ocher city undeniably remains the surrounding landscapes. Between the peaks of the High Atlas overlooking the city and the green valleys of the surroundings, nature lovers will be as satisfied in this region of the country as lovers of comfort of urban maraudes. It is a complete tour of the city of Marrakech that we offer.

Intersection of unusual events. The first thing that will mark you once the first streets of the city discovered, it is the human warmth and the spontaneity of the inhabitants who enters in the continuity of the shimmering colors of the spices on the stalls of the souks of the old medina. You will not be able to also miss the grandiose architecture of some of the riads of the city without marveling at you.

Marrakech, the capital of festivities

The Ocher City Film Festival is an event that currently competes with the biggest festivals on the planet. The world stars of the 7th art, mark each of their editions of the Marrakech film festival (18th edition) is a guarantee of its weight on the international scene.

But this prestigious festival is not the only one to illuminate with its aura the image of the imperial city. It is not impossible that you have the chance that one of your visits to Marrakech, coincides with the famous Marrakesh laugh, chaired by the hilarious Jamel Debbouze. You will then attend the performances of the most subtle and talented comedians of the moment. All in the idyllic and haunting atmosphere of a thousand and one night, imposed by the ancient walls of the old medina. Between shows, you’ll soon be sucked inexplicably into some of the busiest pubs in the world that multiply in the main arteries of the city.

A return to the origins

Saturday evening in Marrakech can satisfy another thirst for discovery, but the best way to meet the local authentic people of the region is still to get out of the city. A visit in the surroundings of the city of Marrakech, will allow you to find yourself immersed in the local cultures of the country.

You will discover the response given by the Berber tribes of the region to the rigors of the climate and the difficulty of life. You will realize that it gives them a strength and a character outside the norm and a huge heart that has room for all. When you are generously invited to tea in a traditional Berber house nestled at the foot of a peak of the High Atlas, you will understand the deep connection that exists between these populations and nature. And will see the deep respect that the Berber people of the region have for her.

You will understand that Marrakech has for each of us a pleasant surprise. Yours is jealously hidden while waiting for your arrival.

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    Marrakech City Tour (Half day)