Zagora tour from marrakech

Zagora tour from marrakech

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Zagora is administratively in the immensity of the Moroccan desert expanse.  a small town whose in the  last years have begun to enjoy success and tourist wealth each year. The reason for this trend, the increasing attraction of tourists for a change of scenery and a willingness to think outside the box.

Zagora tour from marrakech

Zagora embrace the wild nature

Desert is nature, a sterile one, and it’s never without green scattered in different places near water. Many tend to forget it. Once you are in Zagora, you will know the true meaning of what savage means. The village has no more than a few hundred permanent inhabitants. The vast majority of the town is composed only of surrounding desert areas. You will immediately need a good guide who knows the local areas.

Zagora, a story

The guides that are most concerned about your information will not fail to highlight  the role that the city played under the reign of the Saadians. This was the starting effect of the dynasty’s campaigns to Africa and the conquest of Timbuktu in 1591.

Zagora, a strong tourist potential

The city is famous for its vast palm grove which has many visitors and  lovers. Kasbahs are citadels of Berber architecture in military function, built in several centuries to protect the city and host armed units. The Saadians, during their expeditions,  used them regularly. The city of Zagora is a real lighthouse for the surrounding desert vastness.

What ever you lilke. Whether hiking, camel riding, quad or 4 * 4, there is something for everyone.  Zagora knows how to receive. Come enjoy the comfort of our bivouacs immersed in an idyllic and secular, Fine dining, elaborate presentation and much more… let me just say, you are in for a real treat.

Zagora, the place of all encounters

The wealth of this region of the country is also its habitants, you have the possibility of connecting  with real, humble and friendly people throughout your stay in Zagora. With all that it has to offer in terms of traditional lifestyle and scenery, a multitude of international tourists are meeting there. you may learn an unsuspected language, Chinese or Russian  in a fortnight.

It is not impossible that you will encounter familiar faces, actors and singers of world renown. Zagora has international visibility and is included in the brochures of major travel agencies. Of which ours.

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    Zagora tour from marrakech