Ait Benhaddou Day trip from Marrakech

Ait Benhaddou Day trip from Marrakech

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Ait Benhaddou Day trip from Marrakech  gives you The privilege of visiting this hypnotic Ksar is partly because it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But only partly. Because Ksar Ait BenHaddou tells a long story, at the turn of each of its alleys, and through each of its windows.

Ait Benhaddou Day trip : The Framework first

The Ksar is located in the valley of Ounila not far from the rural town of Telouet. The region is known to have once been an important crossing point for caravans that linked Marrakech to the south of the Moroccan Sahara. It was therefore a big commerce area, in which were regularly found all traders of the kingdom.

The Ksar Ait BenHaddou, spread out on the side of a hill, on top of which was an Agadir, a Berber word meaning collective attic. The site’s characteristic represent the traditional architecture of southern Morocco.

The building is a group of ocher-colored buildings, hung on the side of a hill, surrounded by a thick wall. The concept of Ksar, answers a problem of defense. It is a pre-Saharan style of home, in which families gather inside walls, to repel the attacks of possible invaders. Corner towers are posted at all strategic locations and serve as Miradors.

Another interesting indicator, proving the crucial role that Ksar played in the trade of the region, remains its Fondouk or caravanserai. In which the caravaneers rested and restored themselves and their animals before returning to the desert. Some of the Ksar accommodations are larger than the others and particularly decorated. This suggests that some of the inhabitants of the citadel, were rich, controlling large amounts of resources.

Get lost in the mazes of the alleys of Ksar

Ait benhaddou day trip can not take a day. On the other hand, you will be accompanied by an experienced guide with solid historical references. It will be much easier for you to find yourself in the still intact lanes of the site. And to better understand the way of life of its inhabitants. The site is also famous for sheltering a rather rare fauna. The Bald Ibis, for example, a critically endangered species, of which there are only about five hundred individuals in the world, is found only in Morocco.

He was seen several times, perched on the roofs of houses and towers of Ksar. The animal, gregarious, returned periodically to lay eggs. However in recent years, the place has attracted some of the greatest international film producers, who by making some changes to the decor of their films, have jostled the habits of this rare bird. Moreover, some episodes of the third season of the famous series, Game of Thrones, were shot on the site and its surroundings. Thats not all, ait benhaddou day trip offers much more, i won’t row it for you, i will let you discover it for yourself

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