Marrakech airport transfer

Marrakech airport transfer

20€ per person
Among the services we are proud to offer is  the support of your transfers from or to Menara Marrakech airport. Benefit from the competence and the knowledge to be with the most experienced drivers at your disposal, to take care of both the transfer of your luggage and your own transport in the best conditions of comfort and security, from the terminal, to your hotel or to what ever place you want.

Marrakech airport transfer : the real benefits.

It is inconceivable that a service we are so proud of is not an exceptional service.  It is due to the fact that the assumption of responsibility of your luggage and your transportation, are made a point of honor. The driver will be waiting for you the necessary time. Even if your flight is late, you do not wait for your driver. You embark immediately after your landing.

Everything is done for your satisfaction.

You only pay for your transfer once it is done. The driver is at your disposal, approved by the Moroccan state, has many years of experience. And is therefore endowed with a specialized expertise in the field of transportation support. The transfer that you will have to reserve remains under your full administration. You can opt for a transfer to the city of Marrakech itself, or to another city anywhere in the kingdom. You also remain the master of choosing the vehicle that suits you best among the vehicles in our fleet. All our vehicles are air-conditioned, and put under the best measures for optimum safety and efficiency.

Marrakech airport transfer : The personalization of our service

It’s not a simple taxi service. The driver that we will be put at your disposal, is an experienced driver. He can accompany you in all your daily activities and can at times make an update of his attributions to assume the role of henchman or even courier, available to you as many days as you want, according to a fee schedule matching your requirements.

The comfort of the vehicle

You have the option on the choice of your vehicle. If you want to advance in the surrounding remote areas, 4 * 4 air-conditioned vehicles will be offered. Or in simple rental. Otherwise, if your needs are oriented business, we have vehicules that suits you too, as well as inter-city services, through a national network. We make it a point of honor to customize our service as much as possible.

The accommodation is indisputable

Our desire to personalize our service has led us to offer a complementary support for hosting. Whether you are looking for a homestay, a riad or a hotel, our extensive accommodation network offers you nights that go far beyond the simple need to rest. With this service you will not need to worry about the logistics of your stay in Marrakech and the region. We support all of this in addition to a personalized listening and customer service. [/ Vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]

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Among the services we are proud to offer is  the support of your transfers from or to Menara Marrakech airport. Benefit from the competence and the knowledge

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