Merzouga tour from marrakech

Merzouga tour from marrakech

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If Merzouga is a small city fairly close to the Algerian border, it is by its dunes of sands deemed to be therapeutic that it stands out. But not only, the city has experienced an explosive tourist boom in recent years. And operators in the sector have not failed to invest  and make the city of the desert, a destination that few avoid during their stay in Morocco. Merzouga has sand, a lot of sand. But this sand is a real boon for those who know how to take advantage of it. And we are part of it.

Merzouga tour from marrakech : A stay worthy of the biggest resorts

The bivouacs of Merzouga are part of the most famous bivouacs of the main Moroccan. Friendly atmosphere under tents in the desert between dunes of sands, are part of the daily life of this remote region of the kingdom. All the comfort you need is provided. There are even some spaces in the region of Merzouga where we offer nights under the stars in the middle of the desert. All the comforts  of a five-star hotel.

Merzouga or the desert

But it goes without saying that you go to Merzouga without going down for at least a few kilometers in the desert, will have a taste of burning when you return home. That’s why we propose to take on the role of a true Tuareg caravaneer and ride a camel that will take you beyond the dunes of the most remote Erg in the area, flirting with the boundaries between Morocco and Algeria. Who could be a flirt with the limits of time.

Merzouga tour from marrakech : Erg Chebbi, the soul of Merzouga

Morocco is a territory known for its resources from the desert. There is one with a strong tourism potential, Erg Chebbi. It is one of the two largest Erg in the country, the other being Erg Chigaga. It is this erg, vast expanse of desert sand recognizable by its sand dunes, which made of the region of Merzouga a destination so famous for its “therapeutic” sands. If science has not yet expressed its point of view on the issue, customers are raving about the miraculous virtues of these legendary sands. It is up to you to be the next and to give us your feelings on the question. What is certain is that Erg Chebbi, is a real attraction, not only for the national tourist but also and especially for the international tourist. And there is a good reason for this that we invite you to discover with our guides.

Transport and overnight stays

Merzouga is a city rather difficult to access. It is actually a small community. Going there on your own can be quite problematic. But do not panic. Our agency, included Merouga in its calendar of stops, in addition to support all the essentials for your comfort and well being once there.

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    Merzouga tour from marrakech